• “If it’s indie, it’s on Beyoglu Movie Theatre!”
    “If it’s indie, it’s on Beyoglu Movie Theatre!”
    Film industry is getting monopolized every moment; audiences are forced into luxury chains, to distributors with capitals and shopping malls. Beyoglu, on the other hand, continues to struggle as one of the few urban places with independent movie theatre businesses. Beyoglu Movie Theatre, which tries to survive these trying times […]
  • “Kaldırım Nerede?”
    “Kaldırım Nerede?”
    The ads for Sokak Bizim’s (Turkish NGO; “The Street is Ours”) new campaign, called “Where is the Pavement?”, were scripted and filmed by Sarraf | Galeyan | Mekanik. As the campaign is drawing attention to various problems regarding pavement and walk paths in Turkey -such as unqualified implementation, narrow paths, pavement-intersecting […]